Who is the highest paid NBA coach? – How To Market My Life Coaching Business

C: Gregg Popovich $4,724,093.44 LeBron James $3,844,000.00 Scott Brooks $1,875,000.00 Doc Rivers $1,500,000.00 Stan Van Gundy $1,250,000.00 Mike D’Antoni $1,000,000.00 Stan Van Gundy $950,000.00 Byron Scott $750,000.00 Paul Gilbert $547,000.00 Byron Scott $100,000.00

As usual, James’ name seems to pop up a lot. He’s the head coach of the best basketball team in the NBA, but how much of his salary is coming out of the pockets of his family? Let’s estimate the salaries of three of the highest paid current NBA coaches.

A: Doc Rivers $4,500,000
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B: Scott Brooks $1,875,000

C: Gregg Popovich $4,724,093.44

D: Stan Van Gundy $1,250,000.00

Note: We are using a minimum salary figure for all coaches not to exceed $3 million.

The figures below for Rivers and Brooks are not a guarantee of anything; we can only make educated guesses as to how much they will make over the next two contracts, and we could make similar inferences about the other two. But they seem to make sense in how their teams are built.

Rivers earns $4,500,000 while his team is in the West while Brooks has a team from the East where they hope to contend. It makes more sense that Brooks would play on a team that plays in the East with Rivers, than for Rivers to play on a team in the West with Brooks. That leads to the logical conclusion that Rivers’s pay will decrease over time as he makes more money and makes more money in LA.

It’s no surprise that Rivers is making $5.5 million this year; we know his salary will rise next year ($5.7 million), so he is not getting any worse. Brooks is on pace to make $4.5 million this year and is at the age of 33 and coming off another back surgery. He makes at least $1.3 million more than he is worth over what he makes this year. He made at least $4.5 million last season.

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Who is the highest paid NBA coach? – How To Market My Life Coaching Business
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