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She is a psychologist, the author of 10 bestsellers and an on-air personality who has hosted the Oprah Winfrey show since 1997. She is also a founder of The Oprah Foundation, an organization that creates, fosters and promotes literacy opportunities in developing countries through Oprah Live! television events.

Why do we pay attention to Oprah?

With her show we’ve seen the evolution in a new way how to look at the world – a way of relating to the other, the outside in. For example, there is a whole new way that we look at poverty when we see the lives and achievements of children in the US.

Is it possible for me to win the Oprah challenge?

That’s a great question and probably in your mind you want to find out what challenges are possible for you based on your unique needs.

You can play the Oprah challenge in the following ways:

I will take the challenge to challenge my life to show me how I can improve.

I will make a game plan for improving my life based on what I already know and how it is likely to change.

But who am I going to do it for?

For my team to join in on this challenge we will need to have two key components of motivation. One is to be able to say that I can win the Oprah challenge for me to show my teammates on the team the value of my efforts. The other component of motivation is that I must be willing to give up part of my focus for this challenge and commit to help our team.

But how do I do it?

I take the challenge for yourself to decide how you are going to improve your life.

You can do a game plan of how you are going to improve your life. For each step for increasing your level of life this might mean changing your habits, spending time outside, building your capacity in a new language, getting better in a new sport etc.

Once you decide your improvement plan in your mind you will have to define exactly where it will take you so you can create your motivation and create a plan based on your plan.

What happens if I fail?

You will have to decide in advance if it is worth quitting for. Sometimes people want to try something that will make it worth it for them, but just because it is there does not mean you have to do it. If you fail, it probably won’t be because you will lose your focus.

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Who is Oprah’s life coach? – Life Coach Business Forms
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