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I’ve never looked at a website called “Life Hacks” like this before; and I’m more than happy to re-write this in a much easier to read format. As you can see, the list is broken down by purpose-driven, personal use; along with a few common uses/categories (I’m sure there are many more, but there are two categories I picked out). I think this will serve as a great book-end for folks who like a bit of variety but still want some solid advice.

And of course, let’s not forget what I did for the month of July…

2. I Googled “How to take advantage of vacation time”

Yep, that was my #1 choice. Yes, I know I’m not the biggest fan of taking vacations (but I love taking the long ones! ), but if you have any life hacks (and don’t feel like reading the whole list myself), then read the entire list of tips; you can’t go to a vacation without some good advice about it.

If you’re an employee or job seeker (or both) this can be a useful time-saving measure.

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Here is a list with everything that comes to mind for the purpose-driven nature of the list.

1. “When in doubt, quit.”

This is a tip that has been around for ages (even though people haven’t always understood it), and I’m actually quite fond of it. While it’s not particularly helpful, most people in the world aren’t as productive with their lives when they are focused so much and don’t allow their minds to wander too much (e.g. if they’re on vacation, or have no plans). When in doubt, just stop what you’re doing and get off your computer.

To make an even bigger world of difference, here’s the video that I made using the exact same principles that I give in my best life hacks videos.

As I said before, if you enjoy this, then you will certainly find a few other useful tips in there… but if you don’t, you probably will, too:

2. “Think small.”

I can’t honestly say that this has worked for me, but it certainly has for many people. That said, the key to thinking small can mean a lot of other

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Who are the best life coaches? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Home
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