Where do life coaches work? – How Much Do Life Coaches Really Make

They spend many hours with clients to identify what they need, and what they like, and what they don’t like, and what areas do they have to focus on. They ask, “What are people like in this room?” “What are things like this?” “What are problems in this room that are impacting on the client’s day?” They also ask, “What is the client looking for?” or “What is your personality like?”

They start by asking their clients, “What’s your day like?” Then they ask, “What do you want to get out of this conversation that’s getting done?” or “What kinds of things are you feeling the need to bring up when you’re talking to other people about issues in the room?” Then they ask, “What do you like?” Or, “What are your concerns?” Then they ask, “What things are working for you?” “What are problems?” “What are challenges?” “What do you want to achieve here?”

They do this until they have their clients identified what they’re looking to improve, what they need to focus on, and what they don’t want to do.

When an early life coach is starting out she will likely identify what she will be able to help her clients do, and what not. She’s going to have to ask what she’s not doing well, and what she’d like to improve. If a client tells her they’re having a hard time getting what they want out of what they’re doing with their life coach, she might be able to address it.

How long does it take the client to get better about life-coaching?
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I like to measure this by asking a client about the number of times he or she has been a complete failure in life-coaching, over the last 3 – 5 years.

The last time someone was absolutely devastated by life, they were 3 years old. Then they would probably talk some more and they would have a better understanding of what their life coach could do about that. A client may have had a few sessions with their life coach before, but they would not have figured out what they really needed. They would think about it and say, “I’m going to figure it out because I need to solve this problem or I’m going to go get help.”

When a client is 3 or 6 months out from achieving their life goal, they may say to themselves, “I had a hard time getting back on track and

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Where do life coaches work? – How Much Do Life Coaches Really Make
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