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Paying for your coaching has several major benefits. First of all, it is always a great cost savings. Having multiple coaches is not cost effective; just think about it. Your students’ time is most valuable to you in the classroom when teaching them the fundamentals of math, physics, science, and everything else there is to know about the world. Second, you only pay for the time you are actually spending making your students good math and science students. Your coaches will get much more done. That is exactly what happens with a good coach who can work up the stamina to listen to you and stay on top of your lessons and your problems. The problem of having to hire people to just help you cover your classes? You can save many times what you would spend doing your own homework.

What is really the point of coaching other than to help me get good grades?

This is the most often asked question from my students, and the answer can be found in your head when you read your head. All good coaches get good grades because they provide encouragement, insight, and instruction that is necessary for all students. It is like having a doctor who will be your best friend and an engineer is your worst enemy. You need a good coach to be able to stay on top of the problems you already get on your own.

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What should I expect from coaching?

There are many reasons why you should hire a good teacher but, to give you some ideas, here are a couple of things to look for:

He knows what he is going to say, knows why it will make a difference, and knows how to say it well and effectively, especially when he needs a student’s help with a problem.

He is very willing to help you with any issue you have, and will often share his knowledge.

He is good at communicating information to students and has great empathy for the problems students encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Where will I want to find a good coach?

We all have different criteria when we are trying to find a teacher for a given class. You also have a choice of hiring teachers from different industries. I will tell you that I am biased toward teachers who are in industry. This is because every teacher needs that one person who can help them get that next promotion or another good grade. If there is no one who can help you in all those ways, then you are likely to be disappointed in a teacher, and I am not always

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What should I charge for coaching? – Where Can Life Coaches Work
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