What questions does a life coach ask? – Sample Life Coach Business Plan Pdf

First, what is the purpose of coaching? In psychology, that question is often translated to: “What are the benefits of having someone to take care of you?” To a man, I am struck by the idea that a person’s life, at any time, can be a work of art and art is something of worth in itself. A man is a life-work. His work, and his destiny. What is he going to do now? He is a man whose work has been completed.

I want you to see the life I build. I want you to understand my life with pride. The next step is to help create a safe environment in which to work. I see this as being my job as a life coach. To help guide a man’s life on the path toward a life of self-development.

This is a personal journey. Don’t worry. I will guide you in the right direction, but with the understanding that my guiding spirit will never lead me off course, and that I will never feel that I have wasted your time.

So, here, now, as you sit in front of my classroom, we are discussing your life as a man and your life in the context of being a man and a son.
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What is the purpose of coaching? I ask that question because I believe that in the long run, the purpose of coaching is to help someone become who they were meant to be, which is your future self.

It means the difference between someone who has a great mind and could be the next Einstein, who has a lot of potential and could become a brilliant scientist — or, someone who is a great athlete and is very athletic, but is very, very raw, and will need training to become the most competitive athlete in the world, or is a great businessman who could become a great world leader. In any case, your destiny as a man — to be the best man ever or to become the best man ever will ultimately lie with you.

So, I am asking you as life coach whether you like being asked this question. If you are like me, you don’t want to answer. I understand a person’s passion for basketball, because I myself played basketball. So I know that. I know that in a way, I want to be a coach for the same reason. I have a very competitive side about being a coach because I want to help a man make themselves the very best man they can be. That’s the purpose of being

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What questions does a life coach ask? – Sample Life Coach Business Plan Pdf
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