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That was a big reason as to why so many people who want to be a coach or mentor for the sport of lacrosse are stuck in the game from day one. A lot of coaching starts for you on the field from the start of your prep days. No matter how high-level you are at lacrosse and how much you like the game, there’s something about the prep where the whole process of making sure everything comes out right goes away. It does not exist at the collegiate level.

What about the coaches? Can we rely on them to be good coaches?

Yeah, totally. The coach needs to be able to motivate their players and make sure they have a good attitude towards everything. But they could also still be horrible about the whole thing and let their players think they’re the best player or have the greatest technique. It’s up to the coach and their staff to help guide them to the next level.

So basically it’s not coaching?

No it’s not, and it’s going to get better. I’m so sure of that. The next level of coaching in lacrosse is going to be on the sidelines and helping with the recruiting. It’s not going to be on the field anymore, but still it happens. I saw what was so much worse with the women’s game where they went through so much to put the men’s programs in that situation. That will be the biggest change for me, the most important change in lacrosse, I think.

It should be a great opportunity for women, but in the meantime maybe I don’t need someone to coach me for a season if those men don’t need someone to train and play beside?

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What I hear most often from everyone who says this is great is that we will now have more opportunities in the coaching market just because women are better at it than men. If that’s true, can you explain why you are not a big believer at the moment?

A whole bunch of different things. When I was in high school I played on the girls’ team so I think that kind of has to do a little bit more with the talent pool than a lot of other things do. I think it just comes down to, is it a lot more time dedicated to the game of lacrosse? The time and attention you would give someone working out and playing games? Do you think that people have a little more time to put in to their full potential in lacrosse then they do on the men’s

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What life coaching is not? – Wellness Life Coaching Business Names
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