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I can honestly say that I don’t know many. I have only once had to take a course (which I had to take for a personal training program) and it was pretty challenging and I found it frustrating. Also, I really don’t have much interest in learning something of this nature. My only desire in life is to be healthy enough to run and lift heavy weights for a living, which I’m definitely not doing. Of course I wouldn’t want all kinds of training to be mandatory for anyone.

Do people even train hard? It looks like you go to the gym everyday and just train.

It takes a lot to move a heavy body weight like a body builder or strongman, it looks like a lot… I definitely train a lot. I used to go to the gym daily, but recently moved to Atlanta. I didn’t know how to start training with a new training partner just yet. I used to train with Chris and then Chris moved on to doing other things and I lost the motivation to compete (laughs). But now that I’ve moved to Atlanta, I get up every morning and lift for the rest of the day with my new partner. I’m getting stronger at lifting!

Do you have anyone in mind to train with next?

I think Chris and I would make a pretty good weight training partner, I think he’s a lot stronger than me and I really enjoy him to work with. But if I don’t get my mind set on somebody, I will definitely train with any bodybuilder that calls.

Is there a bodybuilding competition coming up in Atlanta?

I know they’re doing a new thing that has a lot more weight. It looks like they will be doing a bodybuilding event! They’ll actually be doing some heavy lifting this year, so I can’t wait to join in!

And what kind of training would be the same?

Just doing the same body of work on all days every day or just doing it different way. We’ll do the same weights every single day, and also it’s going to take a long time for me to drop any weight. But it’s hard to let go of bodybuilding for the past two-years!

Can you tell me about training at Bodybuilding.com?

I am currently training at BCD.com. Since I moved to Georgia, I’ve been getting quite a few emails from bodybuilders asking me if I still train there (laughs)! Well my answer

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What kind of life coaches are there? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template Free
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