What is the hourly rate for a life coach? – Life Coach Business Plan Example

$800-$15,000. That could translate to $7,000-$9,000 per hour, in other words. You have to do all of your own projects and all of the actual work.

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If you have a big project in your life, it would make sense to make sure you are doing it the same day you hire your coach.

If your project isn’t important enough and you work on it later on, you’re only giving yourself an hour or two. But if you have a big project in your life that you need to get done, and if you want your time to get as much done as possible, make sure you schedule a coach right away.

2. Ask questions.

If you’re hiring a trainer and she says “I’m only going to answer these questions in general,” then you’re going to be in for a pretty lousy experience.

But that’s okay. Be respectful so that she knows your project and what you want done first.

You may also want to do a little research or research the coach. This might give you some ideas of what you want to get done.

3. Don’t be an idiot.

It may sound obvious, but don’t assume.

For example, I’ll talk about why that’s so important. But you have to remember how quickly people change with age. Especially if you are not a great coach or speaker. So be prepared to adjust your expectations if you’re asked a ridiculous question.

I also don’t recommend assuming that a coach you feel a little uncomfortable with is exactly the same as any others you’ve ever met. And you shouldn’t assume that you’re going to get any special treatment just because you have the right name.

4. Keep it short.

If you want to work with an hourly rate, then it’s a good idea to avoid lengthy monologue answers about training techniques and programs that are probably not going to be the ones you’re wanting to spend your time working on.

You could get away with just talking about things that are important so that you can keep it short, but if you’re asking about a product or service that is really important, then you’ve got to get into it. So be specific.

5. Paying an hourly rate isn’t the only option.

If you really want to work with me, then you’re going to need to be able to pay what you want. It’s easy to

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What is the hourly rate for a life coach? – Life Coach Business Plan Example
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