What is NLP Coaching? – Where Can Life Coaches Work

NLP Coaching is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy designed to build your capacity for deep, lasting transformation.

NLP Coaching comes from the research of Daniel Goleman, MD. I started my NLP coaching journey in 2007 and have been coaching for a year. Through my coaching, my client’s lives have been transformed and they are more happy, less anxious, more productive, more resilient, and more emotionally and physically healthy than ever before.

NLP Coaching provides clients with personalized, ongoing coaching and self-help guidance throughout the process of taking control of their life.

If NLP Coaching Is Right For You, Get Started Today!

Want to know how NLP Coaching gets you out of any situation – that you are stuck in, that you have difficulty expressing yourself in public, that you are struggling with anxiety or depression…

Then read this article:

NLP Coaching – 3 Steps to a More Energetic and Happy Life

What Does NLP Coaching Get Out of it?

To learn more about what NLP Coaching can get in return for your time and money, see the How To Guides below.

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What is NLP Coaching? – Where Can Life Coaches Work
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