What is NLP Coaching? – How To Start A Creative Coaching Business

NLP coaching is a method of teaching yourself how to work with someone who is much better than you at whatever it is that you are working on. There is a great deal of information within the subject of NLP coaching. I will try to provide an overview of the different theories and examples below. It is important to note that NLP coaching can take many forms, from reading self-help books to speaking to clients who already have a coaching relationship, but I will focus on what is commonly known as the traditional coaching method in the United States.

There is also a much more complex practice that is now available for many of the advanced trainers. It is called Applied NLP. This is where you use research findings to come up with concepts that can be applied to your own work. In some ways, it is more holistic, and more in-depth. But this is still an advanced way of doing NLP, so there is also the benefit of learning from others to see how things are working.

These are the different forms that NLP can be done within the context of NLP coaching:

NLP coaching – this is the traditional way in which a client is taught about NLP. I will discuss this more in-depth a bit below.

NLP theory – this is a way you are taught about NLP concepts. Although this is important information, I will make the point that it is not necessary to be a trained practitioner. Most clients who take the time to learn the NLP skill will discover very quickly that they can do more than simply read a text or listen to the NLP voice-printing method.

NLP methods – there are several different methods that the world’s NLP trainers are taught to use.

NLP training – in this context, is the process of training students and teachers to use NLP as a teaching method.

Practice method – this is the way in which NLP is practiced in a supervised setting, rather than through books or videos. In my opinion, some people would be interested in a learning method that allows them to practice NLP as quickly and easily as possible.

Practice method 2: Self-help books and audiobooks – this is an alternative to traditional NLP coaching, however it is also a form of learning NLP.

Practice method 3: Training with a non-trained coach. You might think of this as self-improvement – I hope you agree with me.

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What is NLP Coaching? – How To Start A Creative Coaching Business
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