What is NLP Coaching? – How To Set Up A Life Coach Business

NLP Coaching is a type of therapy that uses non-verbal language to help a person use their brain more effectively to solve and overcome mental health problems.

What is the Relationship with NLP Therapy?

There is a longstanding relationship between NLP Coaching Coaches and the NLP community. The purpose of this relationship is two-fold: to provide the coaching opportunity to the people who will benefit (e.g. professionals, teachers, school principals, healthcare professionals), and to create a bridge between the mental health community that does not understand or respect NLP Coaching and the “real world” so that they are not separated.

Does my Coaching Coaching Program provide therapy for me?

No. The purpose of Coaching Coaching is to help you develop your own solutions to mental health problems. Most of the work of Coaching Coaches is based on real world research that has been validated.

Why do other Coaching Coaching Programs differ from mine?

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What is NLP Coaching? – How To Set Up A Life Coach Business
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