What happens in a life coaching session? – Should I Become A Life Coach Quiz

It’s a fun moment and the kids love it and are very excited to do it. The children are in good spirits and they can come on stage and share their own experiences. They feel good about it too.

What do you do when kids don’t seem to like watching you?

There are people I have trained who do not get along. That is normal for them. If they don’t like to be on stage they will not be here. I am not always very nice to those kids either. I have just watched some of them fail at stage management so I think there is definitely bad behaviour. I also say I have never seen the stage manager in action. These people think they can control everything. But, as far as I am concerned they should be at the centre. Some people say I am not a good role model. That is not true. My family have a very high regard for me. They really like me.

What advice would you give to parents who want their kids to pursue careers in sports management after high school?

If your kids are good athletes, then I think they should become professional sportspeople first. They should go to university and do sports research. It is important not to work on their personal abilities and focus only upon the success they achieve. They should aim to reach the top levels of the industry first. They have to be well versed in the world of sports and know the nuances of it. Sports management is not a short-term career. It is not easy, but it is the right path to take. If you are good at what you do, you will eventually get more opportunities and have a career.

What are some tips you would give to someone who wants to get into sports management as a young athlete?

To be prepared. This is an extremely tough job because it requires both academics and an interest in sports. It requires a high level of preparation. The job is quite demanding. People are prepared for an 18-month course.

Who is your favourite sportsperson in the public eye?

There are very few great sportspeople nowadays. I think there are some great ones I have known that have become successful in many different sports. There are some great athletes who have given us a great example, but there are some others that have been more of role models than role models.

What makes you tick?

I am not sure. I’ve always wanted to be an athlete. I always wanted to be

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What happens in a life coaching session? – Should I Become A Life Coach Quiz
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