What happens in a life coaching session? – Life Coaching Business Plan Sample

My guess is many of the sessions would be more productive, if not exactly productive than the other two. You may be able to reduce your pain at least by a little bit.


Risks and challenges

I don’t like the idea of having to get a second mortgage so I don’t want to get into the red. But I think we will need to buy two or three houses (or apartments, I dunno, they are cheap enough) to be able to be completely self-sufficient for as long as possible. I had a good idea of making enough, but I’m sure that we’ll need to start on the real stuff too.

All we are asking for is the opportunity to finish this first game. And the money that you help us raise will allow us to print and finish an even better version, which I think will be much easier than the first one.

The cost of this project is around 15-20 grand (not including any taxes), and I believe that it would be impossible to deliver on that amount without a massive investment in infrastructure, marketing, promotion, etc. We’ll keep everything on our page to see if there is interest in other backers and Kickstarter in general. If we don’t have the cash then I’m sure we will keep trying.

What’s the game like?

The first game of Cute Girl is a board game, in which players are each dealing different types of cards in order to reach a girl named Cissy. The game’s focus is simple: you use your cards to solve any number of tasks (e.g., go to the party, eat the cake, etc). However, unlike games like Farm-Stricken or Scrabble, cards cannot be played in an order, like a “one player, all the time” kind of game.

The Cute Girl board

Your goal is to make the best-looking girl possible. All the girl cards will be available for you to buy in the box, you just have to select whether you want the girl or not. I like the idea of having different kinds of girls and different types of tasks so there is always something to play around with. You don’t have control of the girl cards however, we just assume you might be a cute girl so we will try to give you all the options.

As for the tasks themselves, they are easy to imagine, and we want the player to have a sense of excitement and achievement, so you can

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What happens in a life coaching session? – Life Coaching Business Plan Sample
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