What do you talk to a life coach about? – Life Coach Business Plan Template

A great question. We have talked to thousands of coaches about many different areas, but one thing is not discussed with clients: the relationship model. A great relationship model can be very valuable for any life coach. I think it can be very important to have all people within your group be able to recognize the role that one person can play and develop that.

What is the role of the role model in a life coach role?

It’s one of many important things a life coach needs to know. I think it’s very important that everyone is able to recognize each other and develop an understanding of each other. If there is one role models who could be helpful in doing that, it is the coach. This also means that if the client doesn’t know someone that can be a life coach, it is important for them to ask about people within your group. Even in small groups, it may be that one person does this for all of the people within the group. Again, it’s just about recognizing and developing connections with people.

Have you come across any interesting trends in life coaching?

We were the only group that actually created a formal model for what was important in a life coach role. It’s definitely a topic that has been going on for quite an as-yet-unrecognized period of time. Many life coaches are very much interested in the idea of creating a system. We are developing one, but we are having a hard time getting it together. In the beginning, I wrote it down in some book, but it didn’t really make sense to me until I met people and understood who they were. So for the past 18 months for the past three years, I have been going in the direction of creating a model. We have not yet decided what to call it yet; we are keeping all of our options open. When we have our model finalized, we will go further down that road.
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What are some of the common misconceptions about life coaching? Any advice for new clients getting started?

Not many misconceptions, actually. That said, when someone asks about a particular belief that we have, we have seen people who can be really helpful in building and preserving their belief. It’s not enough to simply say that a friend or neighbor is a good friend to the person getting started in life coaching. Many clients also like the message that there is a life coach out there, so even if they do not agree with much of what we have to say, they will accept it

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What do you talk to a life coach about? – Life Coach Business Plan Template
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