What Do Life Coaches get paid? – Life And Business Coach Salary

Not all of us make our living as life coaches. Some of us are freelance sales agents, others work full-time and have some paid and some paid part-time. So you may want to think about the type of work you are doing as well as the rate of pay (and if you take on additional duties). For more information, see our article on life coaches and salaries. Or see our article on being a career coach.

You are probably not a life coach. But you are a teacher, or a psychologist, or a counselor. And as a life coach, your job responsibilities are more like what you expect to have to do, than like those of a life coach. Therefore, you know your job well, and you know how much you need to make a living. If you are in the market for more information, see our article on career coaches and salaries.

What are the perks of being a career coach?

We hope that you enjoy working with us and find something special about the opportunities that a career coach can offer you. While working as a career coach, you might like your career activities to have less to do with your other work or personal life and more to do with the work you are teaching others, or helping people. If you don’t want to work in the professional and technical education field, check out career coaching or a career in educational management.
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You may not be a career coach, or you may be planning to go back to school and choose a career in education or an educational management field, or you may want to become a life coach. Find out about career coaches and the jobs that might be right for you by browsing through our career pages.

If you work in a field that we do not have a page for, be sure to check out our article on what people do, then the resources, then the jobs page to get all the job information.

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What Do Life Coaches get paid? – Life And Business Coach Salary
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