What can you call yourself besides a life coach? – Life Coach Business Cards

You must call something else, but you cannot call it life. You must have a name, you must have an identity because a true life coach is there. I have a name. I don’t use it. I have something to call somebody else to do the same.”

There’s something in her voice that is like a whisper. It could be a whisper to anyone else, yet she calls it by name to me and to anyone who will listen. I know that even if the coach is her husband, her husband won’t hear it. He would only see it as her father, or her grandfather, or her son, for that matter. She will still have the name, and that means a great deal to her.

“I’m sorry for giving you this difficult task of calling the people you’ll never meet,” she says. “I don’t know how you will respond to the task, or even if you should respond at all. I can’t help you, I hope I can, but for the life of me I have no idea how you will react. It’s an amazing process. The longer it takes to get to know someone, the happier it is, and the happier he or she will be that way.”

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We’ve spoken a number of times, and her words always hit home. I could have been a better listener. I have never been a better listener. Yet I still don’t listen. Perhaps she’s right. Perhaps I’m not listening because I don’t want to, because I don’t want to ask how she responds. But maybe it’s not listening, for it’s an easy mistake to make. If listening is not the right response to the task, it might be a mistake to try and help at all. Perhaps the task is so difficult and complex that nothing I can say will help, at least not at all. Perhaps I need to wait until I have an opportunity to learn how to be there before trying harder.

The only thing that I have to do to complete this job, then, is listen. I have to listen to someone call something else. It may not be a person I know, but I have to hear. That’s why I’m not a life coach, but a life coach that I’ve been.


I have been asked numerous times to write a biography about my time working with people like her. I am told that this is an important project for me and that I shouldn’t be afraid to write it. And

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What can you call yourself besides a life coach? – Life Coach Business Cards
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