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1) Competitive Coach

A coach that only cares about their position. They know exactly who their team is, they know what has to be done and how to get there. They do not give any consideration to what the competition is like at their school when building teams up. They focus on winning their games and getting to the championship as soon as possible.

2) Uncompetitive Coach

The other two (but better than the Uncompetitive type) are a Coach who cares about their program and is open to suggestions. They will listen to others ideas if there are any and they will use what they learn to help their team.

3) Coaching Coach/Coaching Assistant

You do not care who has the power to coach your team. A coaching assistant can be the Coach or just the guy that sits behind the bench and tells the assistant what to do and they will be there to help out at the right times.

This will create more competition for positions and will take time away from the coaching staff.

What happens when I have 2 coaches that are competitive and the third doesn’t care and is uncoached?

Usually when an unsocial Coach doesn’t want to be coached, he starts coaching on his own. The problem comes when he is asked to coach his teammates.

If this happens, you will be seeing many uncoached guys show up all at once, playing with the big boys because one team is not paying attention.

This is what you want to avoid.

If you are a Coach and you do care what’s going on on the field and what your team needs, you will start to find out from the unsocials that this is not okay or they have to follow the rules to help their team.

If you are coaching a new player or are looking for help with a player that is not performing to the best of his/her ability, you will start seeing a lot less of them.

If you have an unsocial Coach coaching a new player, you won’t have many unsocial players.

If you have an unsocial Coach coaching a players teammates, you will have multiple newbie “brahm” players that your Coach is trying to get to learn things.

I have never known a competitive Coach to give more attention to a “brahm player” than the other players on your team.

I think it is a good idea to have your “brahm”

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What are the 3 types of coaching styles? – Life Coaching Business Start Up
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