Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Sample Life Coaching Business Plan Word

No. The name “Tony Robbins, Ph.D.” appears as part of the name of more than two dozen life coaching companies, seminars, books, DVDs (including one titled “10-7-7”), and courses he has offered during his three decades of public teaching and self-help fame and influence. Robbins started LifeVantage, Inc., in 1989, to create a national professional organization of life coaches, “the first organization of its kind in the world” (Wall Street Journal, Oct. 18, 2004, p. A16). LifeVantage has “a membership base of 7,500 in 31 states and the District of Columbia and a monthly mailing list of more than 150,000 subscribers” (p. A19). The company’s website states, “For a great life in business, money in hand and success with friends and family, don’t get too caught up on what others say. Get your life in order. Find good friends. Learn how to communicate and make relationships. Create a career that you love. Learn how to be responsible and a leader. If you are tired of feeling sorry for yourself, feel better about yourself and work harder on that feeling of being a better person — then you can live a great life” (p. A1).
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Robbins himself is a life coach and author — see “The Life You Can Save” page, section on “Inspirational” — but he’s not really a professor or a teacher; he’s an “informal adviser” (p. A1). He’s simply a businessperson who works on the “personalized, personalized learning process — how you deal with the life circumstances that lead you on the path of success in your career and in your personal life” (p. A8).

Why do Robbins’ “life coaching” businesses not need universities?

Robbins claims all his students go on to become successful in business by following in his “advising” footsteps, and that’s true to a degree (see pages 4, A7 and A7.5). But to be able to succeed at business, you have to do “life coaching” first. Robbins himself has written that, “To be a successful life coach is to understand what people need in order to succeed in business, and then try to get the necessary coaching that is going to help you get it” (Prentice Hall Guide to Life Coach, p. 1). But to become successful in business, you have

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Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Sample Life Coaching Business Plan Word
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