Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Life Coach Business Cards Ideas

Not just a life coach. Tony Robbins is a social entrepreneur who sells books, coaching courses and more, with his blog Revolution from the Heart.

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We’re going to talk about the New England Patriots. We’re going to talk about their defense. We’re going to talk about how they’ve gotten better. And we’re going to talk about the most successful offensive team to ever dominate the NFL through the first half of the season, led by an offensive juggernaut. All that and a lot of more with our very own Jeff Howe, who is now calling football games for NBC2, on the latest edition of the Sports Guy’s Morning Drive.

Here’s Jeff:

For many, one of the greatest moments of the NFL season was last Sunday night when the New England Patriots held the New York Giants to only 16 points in the second half. The Patriots went from down 11 points to up four with just over a minute remaining, on a field goal that put them up 13-4. The Giants took over on their own 45-yard line with about a minute left and could not get into field goal range. So what did Eli Manning have to do to win the game? He threw a late pass to Randy Moss, which Moss scored for the Patriots. For those fans who have always wanted to know what Manning did with that late-game throw, they now have the answer.

So, why is the Patriots winning at this point of the season and what is the cause for that? Let’s break it down.

What’s Changed That’s Changed Everything:

The Patriots have been playing at a higher level than anyone expected them to be when they drafted Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. They have been consistently putting together wins, as evidenced by their 16-1 record.

It all starts with Julian Edelman, who set the NFL record for receiving yards in the regular season and then came within one yard of the record Sunday night. The Patriots wideout had 16 catches for 281 yards and also broke the NFL single season record for most touchdowns in a season, with nine. Edelman is so important to New England’s passing attack that they took the “Edelman Rule” which limits

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Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Life Coach Business Cards Ideas
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