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NLP is increasingly recognised for its use in practice, and can be applied widely to virtually any industry. For example, software engineering practice has often used both deep learning and linguistic modelling tools, with the use of NLP and deep learning gaining recognition as being integral to application design, design engineering, and other aspects of software development.

What is deep learning? Deep learning is a form of machine learning in which training examples are taught using deep neural networks.

How can I access the Deep Learning resources at CSSA? There are a number of resources that can help practitioners who may be interested in deep learning, including the following: the Deep Learning Workshop, on which you can meet speakers, read about a number of different technologies, and see demonstrations of the techniques used, and of how this can be applied in practice.

Talks from CSSA and the National Media and Education Partnership (MNEP) on deep learning, with the potential to inspire others to explore the field of deep learning. The speakers are also available to discuss their work with practitioners from other groups, including engineers in industry.
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Further resources on deep learning in industry, including links to training exercises and articles detailing the application of techniques. These might include the recent Deep Learning Research Toolkit, available online.

Deep Learning in Practice – How to do Deep Learning using Tensorflow by Mike Gatto. This video is available here.

The Deep Learning Library: A comprehensive reference that provides links to training data, tutorials and other materials which will be helpful for practitioners.

The Deep Learning Blog: A blog devoted to a wide range of topics relating to deep learning, including practical use cases, background and history of the research, how-tos and best practice, and further resources and examples of approaches.

The Deep Learning Research Library: Provides a detailed description of the research carried out in the academic and wider research community and a description of which research methods have been applied in practice.

The CSSA Deep Learning workshop aims to give practitioners a more concrete insight into the techniques used by Deep Learning researchers and to increase the availability of these techniques for use in practice. To that end a variety of presentations will be given as part of the workshop, covering applications of NLP techniques for various industries, and how these techniques can be applied and implemented in practice. These presentations will also be available online.

How can I request training materials? To apply Deep Learning techniques to a particular problem you can make a request via CSSA, but please

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Is NLP a Recognised qualification? – Business Names For Life Coaching
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