Is life coaching an MLM? – Life Coaching Business Strategy

Not according to this video. It’s an MLM that teaches you how to be more successful from one minute before the start of a workout to a minute after it.

If you want to be a gym rat, it’s OK, but if you really want to make money by selling other people’s bodies, this MLM is not for you. Not for anyone but a few select players.

The creator of the video tells us he was motivated to help the masses because he used to work out in a gym and was tired of seeing people who didn’t do it right. You’re not always looking in the right direction, either. If you are new and can’t get out the door to work out, the MLM is for you.

There was no disclosure here. The program is just a series of ideas on how to get some great results in a short amount of time. It’s not for other people, at least, not yet.

And what’s a “short amount of time”? Here, just a minute!

But how does it compare to other MLM?

This week on the Podcast we are going to be exploring how you can be one of the top-performing employees on the MLM that I’m about to cover today.

We’re going to talk with a real person. It didn’t have to be an MLM. We’ll do it a lot of different ways. You’ll see a product on the show. You’ll see a product in person. You’ll see other people’s work. You’ll see other MLMs that have had success with their staff.

What can you expect?

You know me. I like to know the most about you and what you can do. I want you to tell me the story about what motivated you to start working out. The moment you took your first step on the path to success, what was it that convinced you to go ahead (without any other motivation)?

It could be the motivation you had from a real-life friend. The moment when you walked into the gym and saw something really spectacular you were just so stoked about and excited by that you felt you “knew what to do” and really pushed yourself. It could be an event that prompted you to work out for an entire day (even if it was just 30 minutes) because you just wanted to share that experience with another person. You might even have been motivated by an MLM. The reason you worked out is

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Is life coaching an MLM? – Life Coaching Business Strategy
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