How long does it take to be a certified life coach? – Life Coach Aptitude Test

What’s the difference between certified life coaches and life coaches?

I’ve worked as a certified life coach for 15 years now and have seen many people fail to pass the certification exam over the years. One thing I’ve noticed is that certification and certification requirements are changing so frequently that it can be impossible for a few certified professionals to ensure all the requirements are in place for all programs.

Can a person get certified a second time or can a certified fitness trainer get certified again?

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If someone is being certified for a second time, then the certifying body will require an application form for certification. It’s not the same as having certification again.

I have been a fitness trainer for more than 15 years and in some ways, my own life was an independent career until I decided to become certified as a life coach. Then I realized how important it was and I had to take it easy for awhile and focus on my business. I’ve worked in health, wellness and fitness for more than five years and recently took another opportunity to become a certified life coach. When I started teaching, I knew I wanted to have the certifications. This has never happened in professional life.

Will there be a new certification for life coaches?

No. There are no plans to create or create any new certification as a life coach, but the training I do today was based on the current standards. I believe this will allow me to help more people than I could now do.

So it would be like starting a different business or a different profession.

Yes. A life coach has the same responsibilities as I do when working in a business, including meeting with clients and delivering on the training plan.

Does a certified life coach go on leave from his career to train other certified life coaches?

I teach at more than 30 different organizations in America and around the world and while I can see how people would like to see me off the road, I will always be involved in the life coaching.

What would you like to have a certified life coach do?

I would be happy with a certified fitness trainer who would give me coaching and other support for clients and the community.

How do you feel about people being able to be certified in more than one life and fitness program?

It’s great if I can help and provide some support but that doesn’t make it a certification — it makes it my responsibility.

Can you give an example of the work you

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How long does it take to be a certified life coach? – Life Coach Aptitude Test
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