How does a life coach help me? – Coach Waiver Form

You can go into life coaching as an individual or with more than one person. Most of the time it is a two-person operation.

Do I have to pay to teach?


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Is it legal?

Yes. You won’t be charged or penalized for teaching.

How much does it cost?

It is a great deal, the same for coaching. It depends on how many lifters you are coaching and if you want to get paid for your lessons.

Do I have to go to a club first to get in?

No. It can be done in any city with one appointment per year.

I am taking one or two lifters to my first coaching session. If I am taking more then I am taking a large group or more than one.

Can you pick up a lifter who is not lifting and we can work him through the basics?

This is the most amazing thing to do. If you are training a beginner, then yes. You can come along and pick him up for about 30 minutes.

What if I’m going to a club for beginners/superficial lifting?

That’s an interesting choice. When someone signs up for a club and they are not lifting, they don’t train.

In a club for beginners, you may know where to get free food and drinks, but if you are going to teach an under-developed lifter (with no previous lifting experience) that is not even a possibility. The same goes for if the lifter is using a coach that is not licensed to teach.

In those situations there are also other things to consider, such as how we have to schedule all of our events and have a coach, schedule, etc. This may seem to be a no-brainer, but you need to understand all of these things and you will probably need help from others.

Do you require a license or certification to teach?

No. We do not require any type of certifications, which is rare. Licensing comes later in our career. Training is not something we have to have a lot of experience with or have passed a test on. We only need to be able to teach and train well. If you have a lot of experience, but aren’t quite getting it yet, then it may be a great idea to go into an apprenticeship program so you just have to learn by doing and get more experience. We

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How does a life coach help me? – Coach Waiver Form
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