How do you structure a life coaching session? – Examples Of Life Coach Business Cards

The following suggestions are meant to be used as guidelines for when to hold a specific form of coaching session.

When coaching people or making suggestions to them through email, phone, live chats…

Try to structure it in a way that it’s specific to the person. In email, it’s better if it’s specific. Use simple language (I, you, you’re, you’re…). This is especially important for emails with people in a high-pressure situation.

In phone conversations, try to structure it in an in-person, private setting. Also keep things short and to the point. Also remember to follow up. In your email or in a phone conversation, be sure to respond as a professional and get back to them within a few minutes.

In an online chat or forum, make sure to make sure that there is a specific and open communication channel. If not, do your part to make sure it becomes a common communication channel for all.

Try to have an open invitation for suggestions, questions, feedback, thoughts about something, or anything else that’s bothering people in the area. (Like on Twitter; people are always more likely to ask questions when they have other people answering them.)

If you’re unsure how to address a specific feedback, think about using your email or a conversation, instead. They will more easily receive it.

Don’t make the person feel that they are the only person needing help. Some people need help themselves (you can see how this impacts on your email inbox), but others need someone else’s help. That’s okay.

If you can help someone out in other ways, do. If you’re not the person with the problem, find somebody else in the area. (This is especially crucial if you’re using social media and email: ask people for help on Instagram, for example.)

When you just want to let the other person know how you are doing?

The most important thing to remember when using a coach in a way that doesn’t seem to make them feel “special” is to be honest and clear with them. (For example, don’t say “It’s going great…” in any email or phone.)

Try to put a timeline for when you’ll be free to talk and not waste as much information when answering questions. You want to give them as much notice as possible so they can get back in touch in the right time.

Remember, you are always free to stop

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How do you structure a life coaching session? – Examples Of Life Coach Business Cards
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