How do life coaches make so much money? – Life Coaching Business For Sale

Here’s a list of the richest, most important, and most influential motivational and education sales professionals on the planet.

1. Dr. Phil McGraw – $65 million

McGraw is the owner of three motivational programs, “Phil and Michelle’s Message,” “Phil and Mandy’s Message,”and “Phil and Mary’s Message.” He also owns the popular “Success Stories” Web show.

He earned his nickname “Dr. Phil” as he was the first medical doctor to appear on The Jerry Springer Show.

His programs and his success are also used as models used in The Golden Globes to judge the best medical shows on television.

2. Howard Stern – $45 million

Stern is one of the most recognizable figures in radio. His show has been on the air for over 40 years, generating over 300 million sales; he’s won 12 Emmys and a Grammy.

And he’s also the most important and successful motivational speaker in the world.

Stern’s $45 million is due to the number of programs he sells each year.

3. Tony Robbins – $15 million

Robbs has a fortune worth over $50 million, and continues to create programs and seminars that are a must-have resource for people looking to succeed with their careers and improve their lives.

4. Brad Pitt – $10 million

Pitt earned his reputation as a “man’s man” before breaking into the movie business.

When he decided not to be “Man-hating”, he became the first actor to have a successful career in Hollywood. His current “Live To Tell” show has sold over $1 million in DVDs.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – $8.9 million

Arnold was previously a professional bodybuilder and fitness promoter, before becoming a movie star. He’s now a popular celebrity speaker, and former governor of California.

In addition to the $8 Mn he earned from his movies, he now earns between $7 and $16 Mn from books and motivational talks.

7. Oprah Winfrey – $6 million

Oprah is known for helping countless others and helping her viewers. She’s been called “the greatest media producer of our time” and “the most influential media personality on the planet.”

8. George W. Bush – $4 million

Bush’s family fortune is estimated to be over $30 million. The billionaire is

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How do life coaches make so much money? – Life Coaching Business For Sale
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