How do life coaches get clients? – Life Coaching Business Plan Sample

We find and hire only the best coaching professionals. So if your coach is really in top form and willing to put in hours, we want to hear it! There’s one rule, no free-shots. We work with people at their absolute best.

What’s different about Coach X’s approach?

We have to do it over many times to learn how to do it correctly. The results are remarkable. You can’t get much better than the results here! They are the same in any level of competition.

How did you find us?

We met with Coach X at an event in Toronto. He’s just been coaching CrossFit games for over a decade and is really passionate about what he does. As a client, we asked how he got into coaching, and he explained it with simple steps and tips we could apply to our own training. It was like an eye-opening experience!

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What did we learn from Coach X?

He told us why he decided to take it one step at a time. Asking yourself why you want to train is a great way to become a better coach. It may seem silly but the more time you spend with your clients, the longer you’ll spend doing it.

How do you get clients?

First, you have to be there. It’s not a matter of asking yourself, ‘How can I be a good coach?’ but rather, ‘How will I feel? How will I feel when I’m actually coaching?’ The more you know about yourself, the smarter and more effective you will be. Second, you have to be willing to work hard. If you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, you haven’t shown yourself to be a resourceful coach.

How do you get those coaches?

Find and hire qualified coaches who get to know you and your training well.

Where do these coaches train? Do you see many CrossFit games in them?

Every year, I get asked where some coach trains. I look at their site, and it’s very limited. You have to be serious about this. I don’t have the time to be teaching one CrossFit game to my client. If you want to have a very high quality environment for your next client, you have to think beyond your games.

How are you hiring?

By asking ourselves what kinds of questions you can think of. What are their games and how are they structured? What’s their coaching style

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How do life coaches get clients? – Life Coaching Business Plan Sample
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