How do I find my life coach niche? – Life Coach Logo Business Card

As I mentioned before, you have likely been coaching people who are just starting out in life but have a lot of questions and you want to address those questions. Your niche likely goes beyond what you do, as coaches specialize in certain types of people. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you probably have a unique skill set that makes you an ideal coach, while an investor, insurance agent, or legal practitioner (e.g., an attorney) may need to be someone who understands a wider array of subjects, rather than being a one-size-fits-all trainer.

A coach generally has a very specific expertise they are looking for in their clients. These people are generally very specific in what a coach will look out for, as there is usually a lot more that goes into a specific coaching niche than in other types of work. When looking at who to interview for a coaching job, you want to take a good look at who has extensive personal experience and how that relates to a particular coach niche.

Where to look for coaching

For the reasons I mentioned above, you are a likely candidate to interview for a coaching role. So as you look for jobs, I suggest you look at the big players in our industry to see if any of them might be the most qualified to interview for you. Here are some of the top choices:

The best way to find jobs is to start following career networks. In a lot of ways, the bigger the network, the better it is for finding jobs. There are many sites for looking at networking opportunities and hiring managers who can tell you who to find on them. For many of the sites listed below, you can see who is currently looking and the current job opening in real-time, with links to the most current listings.

The careers site CareerBuilder has the ability to quickly access a number of LinkedIn profiles which could all be good to look at.

If you have good relationships with several different companies, you can use LinkedIn for a list of many current job openings and/or contact the hiring managers at the companies to see if they are looking for someone new.

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Another option is to create your own network from what is available to you to the careers company. You will need to know the company’s phone number to find out if they are looking for a specific person or not.

If you are in a college dorm or a group home, you may be able to look at people on the guest list and perhaps ask

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How do I find my life coach niche? – Life Coach Logo Business Card
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