How do I become a certified ICF coach?

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How long must I wait before returning to my course to review my progress? You may begin with two reviews per week, or you may decide to begin with just one review per week. You will continue to review your progress as you progress through the course, so you can return to the course as you progress.

What if it doesn’t work? It may be that you don’t have enough time to complete the course or that you have the skill set the instructor is looking for but can’t find it. In this case, you’ll need to find a different coach!

A year ago, the world got quite a surprise when the new, redesigned Samsung Galaxy S5 emerged for pre-orders only to see it come with a new, “removed” feature called TouchWiz. While TouchWiz wasn’t exactly a revolutionary feature, it did usher in a new and improved interface that has been gaining popularity since its release. It also brought with it a new interface for the Gear VR. What’s a TouchWiz user to do with this?

The answer may surprise you…

Touchwiz for Gear VR is going the way of the dodo bird. At the moment, Samsung has announced that the Gear VR will be getting TouchWiz support, along with a number of its other recent additions. You can read all about it in the Samsung blog post here.

But how do you activate TouchWiz for the Gear VR? You simply launch the Gear VR app, find Devices in the top left, choose TouchWiz from the menu and your app will install the TouchWiz module.

It isn’t quite the same experience as you get with TouchWiz for the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Marshmallow; we’ll get to that later, but you still have access to the most recent functionality. It’s still quite useful, however because it means you still get access to the same features and settings you’ve come to know and love from the latest mobile operating system. As for performance, it seems to be the same, at least in the initial builds.

TouchWiz on Galaxy S5 on Marshmallow

It isn’t quite up to our standard standards. There are a few key changes to the TouchWiz for Gear VR that we won’t go into here today. For example, it lacks any touch typing

How do I become a certified ICF coach?
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