How do I become a certified ICF coach? – Life Coaching Business Owner

A. We offer you the first step to become certified by completing a basic ICF curriculum. You’ll then be invited to work with one or more of our certified therapists on a one-year contract basis. You will gain valuable training to develop your ICF program.

Q. What will I gain as a Certified ICF Coach?

A. Once you become a licensed ICF therapist, you’ll have the ability to:

• Develop therapeutic relationships with clients in a safe, loving environment

• Assist you in creating and managing ICF programs

• Collaborate with other therapists throughout the ICF field

Q. How will a Certified ICF Coach be paid for my services?

A. You will be considered a client of a Certified ICF Coach if you sign up as a client of the Certified ICF Coach Program (you earn ICF commissions as an individual on your work) OR if your individual or group contract provides ICF licensing, the program requires ICF licensing and you are a licensed ICF therapist (we have to apply for ICF licensure to work with clients).

Q. If I decide to leave my ICF career, can I re-enter it?

A. No. Only licensed ICF licensed therapists are licensed to work with clients.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with something I’ve learned in my ICF training?

A. No worries! Your therapist may help identify areas for improvement and suggest new techniques. We provide a variety of courses and programs designed to prepare you to teach and work with clients.

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How do I become a certified ICF coach? – Life Coaching Business Owner
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