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In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, the New York Police Department appears to be in need of some manpower for its new counterterrorism units.
You would think that after a terrorist attack on a subway station, police should be more focused on counterterrorism, and we all know that the world is more dangerous than ever.
But the police department seems to be looking for some more of that manpower.
The NYPD sent out a notice on Thursday, asking for help in recruiting members to their recently created Joint Terrorism Task Force. In total, the task force has been created with about 25 members.
The task force is one of several new counterterrorism forces to be formed in the wake of the recent attacks in New York City. The other groups are the Counterterrorism Branch in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the NYPD’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureau and Homeland Security Investigations Command’s Special Operations Division.
Although it is unclear if the cops are going through a quota system, the job postings for each are in the form of a LinkedIn application.
There are some pretty decent, qualified people trying to get into the job market. One applicant in particular from New Jersey is in for a rude awakening. The name on his resume is Matthew Johnson, and he is a former Navy officer who used to teach English in China until two years ago when he started a new career as a security contractor.
Johnson applied to five different security contractors in order to find a job that would satisfy his new responsibilities. A former Navy lieutenant, he worked as an intelligence analyst at Naval Special Warfare Command and in the Navy’s Navy Criminal Investigative Service, according to an FBI affidavit obtained by CBS.
When he applied for his current job, his resume got him rejected by two companies.
“When he went to those applications, the applications weren’t there of him being qualified or wanting to do the job,” said one of the employees who works with Johnson. “He was a pretty good applicant but we just wanted to find a better way of finding him.”
On the other hand, we saw that Johnson got hired by a company from New Jersey that is trying to provide “solutions for terrorism” and “anti-terrorism” to local police officials. How many “solutions” does the NYPD really need for terrorism and anti-terrorism?

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Can you make money life coaching? – Life Coach Business Cards
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