Can anyone be a life coach? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

It’s a hard question but for a lot of people, life coach is just a big word like coach or teacher; they just need someone to coach them on how to navigate life.

But I want to show you.

It involves some very simple techniques.

First, I use meditation for relaxation. It’s like a deep quiet place where you can be yourself. You know what my first day with meditation was like? I went into the kitchen and I started listening to my breath and relaxing by putting a pillow behind me. Then I took off that pillow and I did the same thing and I got some meditation from my yoga teacher. That was the start. In the morning the next thing I do is the first thing I do when I meet with my therapist. First and foremost is to do the first thing that comes before anything I talk about in therapy. But if someone wants to start talking about what they’re going to talk about then they can talk about that first thing. There’s three steps that I do with my therapist. I put the pillow in front of me and I say, “Okay, this is what my first thing is going to actually be and I want to do it in this order.” Then I put my hands where I would like to start and I say, “I’m going to start with this idea of the importance of not being judgmental of others.”

A lot of people might not put their hands where they would like to start, but that’s the order I would want to start. And then I say, “I’m going to ask you two questions. You’re going to both ask questions.” And I also tell you before I start, and I’ve found in my own life, if I’m going to put a question and answer it, I want to be able to give you my best answer. If you don’t want to listen, I’m a good teacher; I would not have put my hands where I did.

And then I do this next thing, and my next step is actually just to get my body in the right position. Sometimes I’m doing it on a pillow or in my lap, but I’m always in a yoga position and I start saying, “You’re probably tired; it’s actually good to get your body, start relaxing and rest.” But after I say that, I want the first question to be, “Okay, what is your first impression of me?” And then if my next question is, “How do you feel

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Can anyone be a life coach? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business
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