Can anyone be a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Strategy

No I will not let them. I hate all life coaches. It’s so much trouble.

How did you react when you were told that there were people going out and trying to hurt your mother?

I felt really sad. But I was also like, ‘I was just here to see her. I want to see her as much as possible.’ So I never got involved with that.

When a person tries to hurt somebody else, does anyone try to make it right?

My family is really good people. I mean, when you’re an older man you feel like you do everything right. When the women are not involved in it, it becomes not right for them. So we were all very good friends, and I was really happy I could be with my mom. Because she was such a great mother – my mom was my rock.

What was the moment that you learned you had cancer?

When I got diagnosed in my second year, I got a big letter. It said, I have this rare blood type, and in a year it’s likely that I’ll have cancer. I can’t wait to get to see my first doctor, because he told me I have this really rare blood type. I said, now, I’m going to go to the doctor and tell him: ‘I’m not going to have cancer, and that’s it.’ So it was scary.” – Tom Phelan, former Toronto Raptors assistant coach who has cancer for the second time

What’s your first reaction to seeing your name on a T-shirt, a jersey, or even video game?

It makes me sad because I didn’t want to do that. Then after seeing it, it makes me happy because I knew who I am. It makes me happy because I know I’m a basketball player. It makes me happy that it’s been so special. People are so emotional and sad. It’s a good feeling – for them to see my story and not just the disease but a good story.

The Raptors have had nine different coaches since the beginning of the 2000-01 season; was your mother a friend of yours?

I was just lucky enough to watch her play. We shared a lot. Her father was a big coach, so I played with him all across Canada. She played professionally with Germany. She was in the NBA but she was a good player and she was a tough competitor. She was always very humble.


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Can anyone be a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Strategy
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