Are life coaches legit? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business

If a life coach is legit and not just a scam, they can help you become your best self. However, it’s easy to get fooled. Here are five things to learn from life coaches that will help you avoid the traps that are usually used to attract clients:

1. They have a track record

Life coaches are known for having high scores for their certifications. They are also known to have been a part of several high profile training programs.

2. They offer their services for free

There are always two ways for free: you pay, or you do not pay. In most cases, life coaches take a cut of their commission. Therefore, if you don’t pay, you’ll always get the same quality.

3. They can help you overcome anxiety

You will face a lot of challenges during your training program, but no one will be as tough as an anxiety attack. A good life coach will definitely make a difference in your training schedule.

4. They help you discover your passion for sport

You have to become proficient in your sport before your clients will notice. If you feel like a beginner, a life coach can help get you more comfortable with your sports.

5. They are very popular among women

In an age of social media, some women are very busy and have no time for a traditional coach. But if a life coach can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals, it will be beneficial for your business.

Do you feel like your business needs a life coach? Or do you think that a life coach is a waste of time? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Are life coaches legit? – Starting A Sports Coaching Business
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