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I’m not the first person to say this, but it bears repeating: there is a lot of bullshit out there and it might be good for your mental well-being, even if it’s not good for yourself. There are people out there who know how to get you to do amazing things, but there is a difference between “hiring a life coach” and “paying for a life coach.” I’m not trying to dissuade people from seeking help for their mental well-being, just that it’s a bit different than being given money to go to therapy on your own.

What do psychologists think of the business?

As with most things, there are many sides to the story with psychologists – some people are quite positive they’re not the bad guys here and are only here to help make you better, while others are suspicious. Some psychologists even do these job for a living – they take money for a fee and then work with patients to help them deal with their problems. This is a highly unusual and expensive option, but it’s still an option for people who seek out the help.

I just thought that if they are not paid, maybe they are not really helping out with your mental health problems!

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Many things change over time in psychology practice. If anyone is asking how this business works, let’s remember that nobody really knows how to give therapy, only that it does. Psychologists do not have a monopoly on helping people through their problems. It is, in fact, much more common than some people may think. This includes getting therapy at a psychologist’s office as well as getting it outside of it.

I’m an avid reader. Do you suggest that I read some of your books?

Oh yes, absolutely. I’ve had great success with The Psychopath Test, and I am looking forward to more information from you soon. Please do stop by my website to read some reviews.

Why not talk about a little more?

Some people ask me questions about the business, and I am always there to listen. And I would be happy to do a little more writing for you but I really am not in a rush yet. I really can’t afford to do a book or two just yet but I’ll just continue to post regular updates as I grow.

I will definitely be talking about you at one of the upcoming Psychomotion Podcasts where I talk about the business and how I met your son.

Do you have a favorite

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Are life coaches legit? – Life Coach Business Name Generator
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