Month: October 2020

Who is the highest paid NBA coach? – How To Market My Life Coaching Business

C: Gregg Popovich $4,724,093.44 LeBron James $3,844,000.00 Scott Brooks $1,875,000.00 Doc Rivers $1,500,000.00 Stan Van Gundy $1,250,000.00 Mike D’Antoni $1,000,000.00 Stan Van Gundy $950,000.00 Byron Scott $750,000.00 Paul Gilbert $547,000.00 Byron Scott $100,000.00 As usual, James’ name seems to pop up a lot. He’s the head coach of the best basketball team in the NBA, […]

How do I become a life coach without certification? – Life Coach Business Cards Examples

How do I become a “world-class life coach”? What’s the difference between a coach and a coach advocate? How do I become certified in life coaching? If you still don’t feel like going for certification, I will answer your question in this blog post. Here is the article. It covers life coaching from the standpoint […]

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