Month: September 2020

Is Tony Robbins a life coach? – Sample Life Coaching Business Plan Word

No. The name “Tony Robbins, Ph.D.” appears as part of the name of more than two dozen life coaching companies, seminars, books, DVDs (including one titled “10-7-7”), and courses he has offered during his three decades of public teaching and self-help fame and influence. Robbins started LifeVantage, Inc., in 1989, to create a national professional […]

Is NLP a Recognised qualification? – Business Names For Life Coaching

NLP is increasingly recognised for its use in practice, and can be applied widely to virtually any industry. For example, software engineering practice has often used both deep learning and linguistic modelling tools, with the use of NLP and deep learning gaining recognition as being integral to application design, design engineering, and other aspects of […]

Who is the best life coach in the world? – Catchy Names For Business Life Coaching

Here’s a quiz from Teton Gravity Research. We’ve collected the top coaches based on some scientific research we conducted on life coaches, their coaching methodology and their methods. The results are in, and everyone in life coaching is going to look different! We’ve created a quiz to help you think through which of the life […]

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