Why won’t my violin pegs stay in place? – Professor Violin

I have a pretty good idea how to fix them with just an eye to my music. For the time being, the pegs stay straight through.

The pegs will be attached to a piece of sturdy string that will be attached to the back of your neck with an allen key. The string should be about 1/4″ in length with a 3/8″-1/2″ nut through it. Use double-shot glue to tack down the pegs. Now you can proceed to finish the violin neck.

I decided to make a wooden top piece that would stand on top of a small wooden dowel for support.

Take the dowel (I used a piece of 2×2 lumber) and cut it about 15 inches long. I wrapped it in clear tape and then nailed it down. Now you are done!

The violin neck and strings will then come with the final bit of embellishment to complete this violin. I decided to add the traditional chimes. Use the 2.5″ brass bells to get them up a little. I have them mounted to a piece of foam-core tubing as a lightweight replacement.

I mounted these bells as if they were brass knobs on a cabinet. They would be placed under the keys a bit like a tuning pegs.

Now we have a whole new look on our violin.

I made the neck into a nice flat instrument with a good neck-to-body length ratio. So if I am singing an opening melody, the entire neck will be in one line, and the melody will travel from the top of the bell neck to the bottom of the body.

With a 2.5″ body and a neck of about .75″ at the bottom, our instrument will be between 8.5″ and 9 inches. I hope this clarifies things a little. That is all for this post. If nothing else, I hope this clarifies some concerns I may have had.

For those of you who would like to learn more about how to make violins, you may want to check out the articles on our Teaching Violin page.

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Why won’t my violin pegs stay in place? – Professor Violin
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