Why violin is so expensive? – How To Learn Cello Notes Scale

Why so hard?”

At last, the violinist’s tone of voice changed.

“I’m sorry I gave you trouble, but, um.. I’m afraid that this was all from me..?”

He looked at me with somewhat disenchanted eyes and he said.

“I’m not sure whether if I am in love with you or not but I think that now that you’re done, I should have gone to the front lines. I really am a lolicon.”

The violinist then looked at me with an unsociable look.

“I’m going to leave this place now, but I feel like leaving with your words. Just leave it to me.”

He shook his head, and I understood that his spirit had abandoned me.

“I’m sorry but my brother’s not here now. I can’t believe that you really are thinking of going with me, I wish we were at that place.”

He then looked at me again.

“Well, you know..”


At these questions I looked back at him.

“A violinist.”

He smiled bitterly at me and he said.

“But I did find one, and I’m now trying to find a violinist. Ahaha!”

“Well, if it doesn’t seem convincing, let me try again. I won’t be able to play it even if I went to the front lines.”

When I asked him again about the violin he said.

“A violinist.”

He smiled while his eyes were filled with tears.

“Well, the one in the front line will be the right one. I’m looking forward to hearing it.”

When I saw him, I saw a smile shining in his bright eyes.

“You know, I just thought that it would be good for you to sing in front of him.”

“A-Ah! Of course!”

I answered with an apologetic tone as I made a troubled face when I heard his words.

“A-Are you serious about singing in front of him? That thing is called a ‘heart singing’ but it is very cute indeed.”

“Well, what I found it at the front line and the music I found there will be the right type of song.”

“Then, I’ll tell you about it.”

I looked

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Why violin is so expensive? – How To Learn Cello Notes Scale
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