Why is my violin so scratchy? – How To Learn Violin Song Notes For Kids

What can I do to improve my playing?

How can I improve my playing?

Why am I always practicing the same thing?

My girlfriend said I was a loser.

My mother/son said that I was stupid.

Why do I sometimes do things that make me lose patience, and why don’t I like doing them?

Why do I always want to go out with my friends?

The more you play, the better you become.

Why do women always complain about their looks?

The piano is so much fun to play.

My parents would ask me to give them lessons if they heard my favorite music.

I’ve been in a car accident three times.

I know that there are many problems in my life, but one of them is that I feel like crying a lot.

My favorite color is red, but red is not my favorite color, either.

I think if you learn to play this instrument, one day you will never have problems.

I really do like to practice, I just can’t control myself.

I just have a hard time playing with others.

I like to eat chocolate.

I like to eat vegetables.
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I have to stop the practice because I’m sick.

I love a good game of tennis.

I feel like I’m always doing things on purpose, and never enjoy them.

I’ve been in and out of rehab.

I used to hate to be alone, but I feel like I will have to do it if I have to.

I do not think that eating is a bad thing.

I love to dance, but it’s tough because I am not very good at playing the piano.

If you can’t enjoy something, it is not worth doing anything about.

I feel this is what I deserve, to have such wonderful music at my fingertips.

My favorite meal is pasta.

I like to go out with friends.

I’m really sorry for the way my mom raised me.

I’m proud that I am a good son that can always do well in school.

My favorite movie is “A Christmas Story.”

I love the piano, but I will never learn to play it perfectly.

I am a very good violinist.

What has this instrument helped me achieve?


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Why is my violin so scratchy? – How To Learn Violin Song Notes For Kids
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