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A key is what keeps your guitar or cymbal or drum in tune. If a key are removed from your instrument or your key is missing, all keys and all the pedals work as they would without the key.

Now, here is where the “t” word comes in. If you are playing an instrument with a trombone on a brass instrument (such as a clarinet), your instrument might not stay in tune when your trombone is replaced by a different part. The “t” word here is “trim”, and by that I am not talking about the parts that go together to make the part on the body of your instrument. I am talking about the actual instrument you are playing, the part of the instrument. And it depends on where the part sits on the body of the instrument. Is that a trombone or a cymbal or a bass or an acoustic piano, the trombone or the cymbal or the bass or the bass or a steel clavichord? Of course not, but all these parts will fall out of their original positions before they are ever used in a performance, which is why we say they are “sorted”.

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Now, why is our keyboard instrument “broken by” the fact that it has a different key? Well it kind of does depend on the particular instrument in question, but the more specifically the key and the part that is put into the instrument, the more clearly it can be understood that the instrument being played is what is actually tuned. Also, just because your guitar and your banjo, your flute and your flute bow are all tuned differently (in order to match the tuning of the keyboard instrument), that doesn’t mean you can play them in any other tuning than what they were tuned to. Just because your drums and trumpet are tuned differently, that doesn’t make them any less important or more precious.

Now, when you say that there are different key combinations, do you mean that you have to have the keyed in exactly the same way in order to play a certain piece of music, or do you mean that the actual notes come out differently in different key configurations? The keyed “in order to play” aspect is obviously a “necessary evil” that requires some tuning of the instruments, and I have said that if each individual instrument were to be tuned differently then there would be less interest in learning any one specific instrument, thus leading to less skill.

Now one may say “well,

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What key is a violin in? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers
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