What instrument should a child learn first? – Learn To Play The Violin Sheet Music

How did you hear the story? (e.g.”My mother got me this bass drum, then I played the trumpet.” or “My brother got me this piano, then I played the bassoon.”)

2. How many instruments were there? (e.g.”How many instruments were there. One?” Two?” Three?” Four?” How did you hear it?)

3. Did you start with one as a younger child or did you play instruments while you were younger?

4. How did you hear the story (e.g.”I didn’t believe it until I started looking for the story online.” or “I got the story on a cassette tape from a neighbor.”)

5. What was the story about? (e.g. “I was in a band and my drummer died.”)

6. Did your family like the story very much or did they not like it as much?

7. Which instrument are you most proud of? (e.g.”My favorite guitar is the Stratocaster.” “My least favorite instrument is the bassoon.”)

8. Which instrument would you most like to learn? (e.g.”I would love to become a bass player.”)

A quick note: There are a ton of books on this list, so if you’re looking for the definitive guide to finding the perfect instrument for a child, take a look at this great collection of lists. The only downside? They are usually all fairly short. Just be aware that there are usually some great music books that will teach you everything you need to know about playing guitar.

When looking for a good music book to teach you guitar, keep an eye out for some of the following common questions:

Are you playing with a professional instrument?

Have you played this instrument in real life?

If you’re talking about a guitar solo, please read on. You can also look at my recommendations below.

One-on-One Lessons with a Professional Guitarist

If one of the following describe your situation:
How to Play Piano for Kids – Piano Lessons for Kids Book 1 ...

You’re looking for a one time coach (or perhaps an ongoing coach) to play the guitar and teach you basic music theory, picking, and string work.

You want to learn to play the guitar as a solo instrument, without going with a jam session.

If you are looking for an in-person coach, find one that you can work with at home or at work.


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What instrument should a child learn first? – Learn To Play The Violin Sheet Music
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