What instrument should a child learn first? – Coursera Violin Course

The classical piano might be the ideal choice, if you’re a young composer. However, studies have shown that as children mature pianists actually have a lower brain volume for the age group they play the instrument in. One study even found that by age nine, children learn a piano piece slower than if taught to a child who was in middle school.

Violin for Beginners: How to Learn Violin Online | Trala: Learn Violin

If you’re interested in getting your child to start learning to play the piano, it might be worth asking your child’s teachers about which piano instrument they’re interested in.

There’s no guarantee the instrument you choose is the right one, but there are many recommendations from a variety of experts. Find out a good place to start with this list of common-sense piano choices now.

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What instrument should a child learn first? – Coursera Violin Course
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