What age should you start violin lessons? – Learn Violin For Adults

If you do not know, and do not know who your teacher is, then start learning after the age of 6, and try to learn each lesson only when the child is ready. You really need to practice alone, you can’t afford to use a piano while you practice solo.

5. What should you make of your first lessons? Some people think that this is very difficult. You will need a lot of support from your teacher and lots of patience. However, at the very beginning it will work fine. Just remember you also have your own teacher.

It’s not a lot more effort than this!

6. How much should you invest on equipment? You need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. You can spend a lot more than you need but that’s OK. Remember you may become very wealthy!

7. A big lesson can easily cost you many hours. So I recommend the one with one teacher. It will be cheaper and easier.

8. Do you need a piano teacher, an accompanist, a music teacher, a teacher of soloists, a music teacher or not any? If you want to, just try it out. But when you first start learning, you will need to find and choose the right one.

9. Do YOU need a teacher? You have to find one. I know it doesn’t sound easy. However, if you know you really want to learn music, you absolutely MUST have a musical teacher to learn piano.

10. If you like to play on a violin, can you not learn piano on the road? A lot of people have already thought it this way, even if you will have to buy a concert piano. But that’s the wrong way to approach this. The truth: You simply get to play on the stage. At any performance you will get to play on the highest and most talented musicians. You will not even need a conductor. That would actually be way better. This is a very difficult topic to discuss here which depends on your experience and your life. You’ll need to talk to your teacher about it.

11. Do you need a musical teacher? Yes.

12. Do you live with a musical teacher? No.

13. What is an accompanist?

13.1 What does the word accompanist mean? It means you need a performer(s) to help you.

13.2 What are “composers” you are talking about?

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What age should you start violin lessons? – Learn Violin For Adults
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