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Use one of the techniques listed below. For example, use a special “paper towels” container with a tight fitting lid for your violin and a special “rubbing” technique if you want the skin to get a more “buzzy” look.

What do I need to keep clean?

Laundry detergent

A vacuum


A small sponge or soft bristle brush and a small container of water for wiping

What do I need to do to clean my strings?

Take your strings out of their case at least 8 times a day. When they start to feel dry, wash the string with detergent and a small amount of water. Then start to apply a soft cloth. The cloth will absorb excess moisture and dry the string. The end of the string, which is at the end of the string casing, is the end of the instrument. When the string and casing are dry, use a soft cloth or sponge as recommended above to clean the end area of the violin. For some instruments that the string string is coated with, the instrument’s string coatings can be wiped off easily before hand.

Does cleaning my music stand clean strings?

Most musical stands use a cloth that pulls air from the strings. If some of the air pulls out the strings, it will not allow water or cleaning liquids to reach the ends of the strings. If they are dry, a cloth applied with detergent can be used to clean the ends of the strings where the air is not going in. If this method fails, a larger sponge or brush can be used. If using a cleaning cloth, be sure to check the strings well before you start so that water doesn’t stick to the strings.

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Should you clean violin strings? – Best Learn To Play Violin App
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