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Violin Notes:

This is something of an understatement in most musical circles. We know very well that the piano has been a king of instruments for more than a century, but it is really worth considering whether the violin might be more powerful. It would appear that, although the violin is more expensive, the power, and hence its importance, is less clear, though it could be argued that for certain aspects its sound level is higher than the violins. It is interesting that the violin was invented and played by a Jew, and that the instrument is a symbol of religious freedom. So it is worth considering whether it is best to use the violin or the piano for the music.

Why do people do not play the flute and the guitar?

You will probably be able to guess the answer. Most people do not practise, or play, the instruments at least somewhat regularly, or sometimes at any time of day. There are certainly exceptions, but for a significant number of people music, particularly at a concert in a big city, is not part of the daily routine. And at least for musicians, their music is of marginal interest. It is perhaps a fact that this is so among the students who play music on a weekly basis at a music conservatory, in small local groups, for small audiences; in this way music is of little interest and is not taken seriously by other members of the community. But other musical instruments, especially the tuba and the bagpipe and the guitar, do seem to be taken more seriously as a cultural force by their users, particularly those of a certain age. However, it is interesting that there are some younger people, especially in the West, who play the guitar and flute. It is worth wondering if their participation is more, or less, due to cultural factors. So it may be that there are cultural factors, such as the fact that many people find the flute and guitar the most musical instruments at all, and it would seem likely, as a result, that this is as much due to cultural as to musical factors.

Why do people not play the ukulele?

There are a few reasons given for that lack of participation in music, such as the fact that the ukulele is only one of a number of instruments that can be made. There are probably other factors as well, and we will leave that up to a later time. But the ukulele may be a useful instrument in the West. A more recent study had tried to compare

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Is violin the king of instruments? – Learn Violin Fast
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