Is violin harder than piano? – Learn To Play The Violin At Home

Does it feel more musical when played on a different string? And how does it feel being played with a wooden spoon instead of the plastic one we used for most of the time our parents played the same instruments with?

How hard is it to learn how to play violin? Do you want to study music at school? Do you want to play in a band?

Do you want to study music at school? Do you want to play in a band? How long does it take to get good at violin?

Does knowing how to play violin change the way you feel about music?

Do you want to learn violin in the future? Or do you believe that when you’re older you’ll know enough to use these skills?

Can you play the piano but not to the same standard? Do you need a higher level of skill to play the piano?

Can you play a lot faster?

Does having a great teacher improve the way you play the piano? Or does it make you do stupid things when you learn to play the piano or other things?

Can you play different instruments from the same class?

Which instrument do you prefer to study?

Should you use the same instructor? Or do other people offer different lessons?

How do your friends and family perceive you learning to play?

Have you had great teachers? Does the teacher understand what you are trying to learn as much as you do?

Are there things in the school that are hard for you to learn?

Am I good enough to learn different things at home, without trying to work with the same teacher? Some people think a good teacher won’t tell them there are different things if you do what seems right. The teacher may tell you there may be so many things going on that you can’t really learn all of them at the same time that there’s no point. This does not mean that the teacher never wants to guide you but it should be noted that the teacher may not want to teach you anything, or may not understand what the student is doing. If this happens then you must get the help of an experienced teacher.

There is another way to think about this issue of difficulty in being good at different things, which is that it is different things that are different.

How do you see problems in the way you learn something you were trained to do by people who are very good at it? For example, having to learn how to play the violin is difficult

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Is violin harder than piano? – Learn To Play The Violin At Home
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