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You shouldn’t have to put in as much hard work or commitment on the violin, yet for it to have the same value as a violin with its sound and feel, you also have to have the same dedication.

Are you a serious player? And if so, do you take lessons?

If you are committed to going to class and playing, chances are you don’t need lessons in order to build the violin part of your arsenal.
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Do you need to do more playing, practice, and rehearsing to improve your skill level?

If it’s easy for you, you don’t need to really change your approach to the violin.

What have you been practicing for years to get so good on the violin?

If this is a habit or habit of some kind that will help you get the most out of the instrument, you should be able to improve on it.

Do you enjoy learning about music? If so, how much do you spend each week getting to know the instrument?

If you enjoyed learning about music while learning about violin, you can start learning now to expand that part of your practice.

Are you not a good candidate for teaching? Why is this?

If you don’t know how to apply a lesson plan or plan to teach a student, you will not understand how to teach a student if he or she is not a good candidate.

If you’re in a relationship, do you want to be in a relationship with someone who you also like teaching?

If this is the case, then your needs may be different than those of a teacher to be in relationships with a student.

Are you committed to working with your students to learn the instrument? Have you ever felt lost with the instrument?

If you don’t get to practice your music to a great level before class, it will hinder your teaching ability.

If you are a good listener, you can learn when you are learning, and you can play to the best of your ability, but if you are just hearing what another student says to you, it becomes much slower, it’s easy to confuse and distract yourself with sound, and you get distracted during the lessons. We often have a hard time remembering lessons!

Do you want to be a teacher? Do you know how to apply lessons to teach? Maybe you don’t know it, but don’t let that stop you. You are very capable of teaching and learning the violin yourself

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Is Viola easier than violin? – Learn Violin Online Reddit
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