Is Viola easier than violin? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Seeing Coloured

No, there is a way to achieve the same effect, but a bit more complicated. Let’s say that Viola is more difficult to play than violin, how easy is it to learn how to play a violin? If you find the answer to that question is not as simple as you expect, consider what kind of problem you have. Imagine that you are a beginner. First there is no right answer. After some time learning how to play a piano you find the answer to your questions. You find that the right answer to your question is to pick up a violin. The answer you give yourself is no. If you pick up the violin, you can do all it takes to gain a deep understanding of music, without using any instruments.

If you are on our forum we like to discuss all kind of interesting problems we see on our forum. One of them is the question “What can you do with a violin, if you learn enough music theory?”. That question has really interested us and we decided to find out what is the most basic and easy way to play the violin.

Our experiment is: Play the violin with a basic theory lesson.

So our first experiment is to find out how to reach the end (the level of a pianist). In order to achieve this level we will first of all look at the basics, and learn how to use the tools and skills of the piano to learn how to play violin without using instruments (no playing the instrument, no fingering lessons, no studying the music theory etc.).

We have three kinds of instruments. The violin is the most difficult one to reach. This instrument has been used by people for centuries.

If you have to choose one way to get closer to your goal than the other – choose the violin.

Now you can understand that the violin does not have a lot of different ways to reach it – but we will assume that your goal is to have a more solid foundation, and in other words that you want to find solutions.

Now, on to it.

How does the first lesson of the theory lesson do to teach one to play violin?

First of all we start with our piano, but this is not really necessary, as the theory lesson can be taken out of the piano and taught by doing a solo violin lesson.

We then have to play an easy solo, that will teach the listener where a finger tap is in the instrument.

To learn in this way, we

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Is Viola easier than violin? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Seeing Coloured
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