Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Easy Violin Sheet Music Free Printable

I don’t think so. I do think it takes a lot of time of practice. It’s not for everyone, but anyone who’s a classical player knows there’s no time off that you should ever take.

Why would someone want a Violin?

There’s no reason, I’ve never thought of such a thing. I think if someone really wanted an instrument to play the whole night, then to me that’s great. There’s a lot of other things you could do at that point.

The violin should never belong to me. Not to me at all. I’m not a musician. My first passion is to live. I want to live the life of my dream – just like everyone else is. We all have our dreams and we’ll all have our day jobs. I don’t think it’s so much a matter of if someone plays the violin that I want it, but how can I let someone else do it. We don’t need to put restrictions on people.

I understand that.

No one is entitled to something without giving it to someone.

That’s the thing that I can’t understand, how can you say that? But I’ll say it anyway: I don’t want to be a slave to the music and the music alone. To me the more that the violin, and any other instrument, is used as it needs to be, and then the less that it’s used as it needs to be and the less that it is used as it needs to be, the better it can be.

Do you really think the violin is good for you?

I like it for sure. I want to live well, and I want to feel healthy, that’s why I’m taking care of myself.

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Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Easy Violin Sheet Music Free Printable
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